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Laser Energetics, Inc. (LEI) (Pink Sheets: LNGT), was founded in 1991 by Robert D. Battis in Orlando, FL. LEI’s headquarters are now in Mercerville, NJ (Princeton, NJ area) with manufacturing occurring at its Tarpon Springs, FL facility as well. The Company is focused primarily on its Dazer Laser® - Light Fighting Technologies™ and its new BrightStar™ Alexandrite laser technology. In addition, LEI is currently developing a few more products; in particular, a new line of light diffusers called Totally Reflective Transmitter (TRT) technology. TRT which will be marketed for use in mobile phones and PDA’s screens as well as signage – for example as a replacement for neon signs.

Laser Energetics, Inc. has a total commitment to the quality of the relationship we have with our customers by providing the best research, development, engineering, manufacturing and customer service support of its world class products and services the Company provides. Our commitment to excellence and our customers makes up the cornerstone of our philosophy! We at Laser Energetics believe in a vision of advancing our achievement through our commitment, dedication, teamwork and pursuit of being the best at what we do!

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