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This is where our customer relationship begins. Our customer engages us to determine if their material can be marked, cleaned, cut, drilled, surface modified, etched, scribed, etc. This laser laboratory service supports a customer's need for the evaluation of the laser interaction with their component or material and provides a first pass feasibility test to see if there is viability to their request. Our laser application labs are designed to allow our scientists to utilize Alexandrite, Excimer and Nd:YAG lasers to test samples and to develop the laser process.

Laser Applications Testing | Laser Process Development | Feasibility Testing

This sector makes up the heart of LEI’s services. We use our laser technology to laser mark or process our customers' components or materials. A customer is able to quickly gain the benefits of laser marking or materials processing without having to wait for capital equipment to be delivered, or to hire, train and bring online this specialized technology. The company is currently focused on our new laser marking service which is dedicated to marking ceramic chip capacitors and resistors (surface mounted devices, or “SMDs”) manufactured by the microelectronics industry. This service is available at LEI's headquarters, with laser systems designed, engineered and built by LEI. The company is expanding the laser marking and laser materials processing capacity for drilling holes, etching, cutting, scribing, surface modifying and cleaning its customers parts, covering a wide variety of industries using its leading edge laser technology.

Laser Marking | Materials Processing