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LEI's “PSLM” Laser Systems provide turnkey laser processing solutions to our customers. This part of our business brings together all of our collective technological strengths. PSLM stands for “Process Specific Laser Machine,” a laser system consisting of a laser, an optical beam delivery system, part handling system, computer interface, system diagnostics, intelligent vision and enclosure. To date, the company has three different laser marking systems: the PSLM-900 UltraMark™, the PSLM-1000 UltraMark™, and our newest system, the PSLM-1100 UltraMark™ SMD Laser Marking System. LEI builds systems for custom laser production liens, as well as for product lines the company determines to be strategically important to its success.

PSLM UltraMark™ Laser System



The NeWave Alexandrite Company is producing the highest quality lab created gemstone material available in the industry. The alexandrite crystals were created using high purity starting materials under the most highly controlled laboratory conditions.

The ability to obtain large sized stones from this material is restricted by the presence of various levels of optical defects in the crystal boule. Typically the boule has a core region which has numerous dielectric inclusions (voids, bubbles) which cover greater than half the diameter. Other impurities, such as iridium from the crucible, can also be randomly included in the material. Large, high quality, “pure” gemstones, of five carats or greater, are rare if not impossible to find. NeWave Alexandrite is free from all of these visual defects and therefore displays a high degree of optical clarity. Only through the use of sophisticated interferometric equipment can microscopic strains and optical distortions be detected in this material so as to avoid mining impure material. With our unique patented process and trade secret know-how, the NeWave Alexandrite Company can provide the highest quality created alexandrite gemstones available in the marketplace.

NeWave Alexandrite Company
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Phone: (609) 631-9181
Fax: (609) 587-9315
Email: mail@laserenergetics.com